Games Organising Committee Roles
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GOC - Signage Operations Planner
GOC Catering Planner As part of a team of Planners, plan and coordinate for the distribution of lunches, snacks and meals for all athletes, coaches as well as lunches for volunteers. Communicate plan to catering teams at venue level and troubleshoot at Gamestime where necessary.
GOC Communication Operations Planner Radio communications are required in order for a venue to run operationally. As part of a team, Communications Operations Planners will develop a plan to manage all radio communication within competition venues, support users and ensure the system is working effectively.
GOC Event Services Planner Event Services are the eyes & the ears of the Games. They provide assistance and information to spectators and other accredited persons. i.e. pedestrian flow, access monitoring, and related functions in support of the venue operation. GOC Event Services Planner, as part of a team of planners, will develop an Events Services plan for all venues
GOC IT & Telecommunications Planner As part of a team, create a plan to provide technical solutions at Games set-up and during the Games to service helpdesk application, hardware and network support. Skills in technology required
GOC Transport Planner As part of a team of Planners, devise and roll out the Games-time transport plan for all Accommodation and Competition venues inclucing traffic management to ensure athletes' transport to and from competition venues is managed in an efficient and safe manner
List has 6 jobs on 1 page