General Volunteer Roles
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Aquatics (Swimming) Sport Role Assist in sports area. Roles in sports are various, e.g., staging for awards, sports information updates to specific roles requiring knowledge or qualification in a particular sport. Some sports roles may be interchangeable during the Games period and volunteer flexibility is required
Aquatics Field of Play Official To be a field of play official in your chosen sport you must be qualified to do so by your National Governing Body i.e. FAI, Swim Ireland, Badminton Ireland, Gymnastics Ireland etc. The only exceptions to this will be for sports where the individual has been certified by Special Olympics Ireland as the NGB i.e. Bocce and MATP and sports where an official certification isn't available i.e. Bowling and Equestrian.

Communication Operations Assistant In order for a venue to run operationally we require radio communications. This area will manage all radio communication within competition venues, support users and ensure the system is working effectively. Previous experience in communications would be helpful, but not compulsory
Delegation Services Assistant Provide assistance to Regional Delegations as required at venue level
Event Services Assistant Event Services are the eyes & the ears of the Games. They provide assistance and information to spectators and other accredited persons. i.e. pedestrian flow, access monitoring, and related functions in support of the venue operation
Sound Production Assistant Make relevant announcements at competition venues, play selected music and manage the PA system at venue level.
List has 7 jobs on 1 page