Venue Management Team Roles
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Competition Manager - Kayaking Responsibility for managing the competition element of one of the sports events. Qualification and experience required
Kayaking - Sports Role Coordinate in sports area. Roles in sports are various, e.g., staging for awards, sports information updates to specific roles requiring knowledge or qualification in a particular sport. Some sports roles may be interchangeable during the Games period and volunteer flexibility is required
Participant Manager Member of a Core Venue Team which responsible for ensuring the venue and activities within it, meets the standards established by the GOC and venue plan is rolled out. Participant Mgr has particular responsibility for Front of House functions, e.g., Media, Guests, Merchandising, Information Services
Safety Officer Deliver the Safety plan at venue level. Qualified personnel in Safety will be required to ensure the venue meets all relevant safety standards
Transport Coordinator Implement Transport Plan at venue level and support a team of volunteers during games to assist with traffic management to ensure athletes transport to and from competition venues is managed in an efficient and safe manner.
Venue Manager The Venue Manager will lead a Venue Management Team to implement the venue plan for a particular venue. Is the final authority for decision making with their venue
List has 6 jobs on 1 page