ROI 18 Year Old Applicants

Before you Begin:

As a resident of the Republic of Ireland over 18 years of age, you have 6 steps to complete registration. We strongly suggest you print this page so that you can use it as a checklist for yourself to ensure you complete your steps of the process within 20 days, otherwise, your record will be deleted from our system and you will have to restart the process.

  • 1. Register Your Personal Details Online

  • 2. Complete Online Volunteer Application

  • 3. Submit a Photo

  • 4. Complete Training

  • 5. ID Validation Form

  • 6. Complete Garda Vetting Application Online

Step 1: Register your personal details online

Have the following to hand before you begin:

1. A valid email address unique to you

You will receive an acknowledgement email on completion of this step

Step 2: Complete your volunteer application online:

Within 2 working days of registering your personal details online, you will receive a Next Steps email from us. This email will provide you with the relevant links to allow you to:

1. Complete your online application

2. Access your Induction Training

Have the following to hand before you begin your online application:

Names and phone numbers of 2 referees who are over 18, who are not related to you and who can give an objective reference of your character and suitability. Please ask permission of those you wish to put forward as your referees.

If you are a qualified coach or official in any of the sports Special Olympics Ireland offers and wish those qualifications to be acknowledged, please have your qualification level, the National Governing Body who awarded the qualification and the date it was awarded. You can add up to 5 qualifications so please include your CPDs.

Step 3: Email or send us your photo:

This photo will be used on your membership card once you’ve completed all steps, showing you have clearance to volunteer.

The photo must be from the shoulders up with a clear background and must be of passport quality and dimensions. You must not be wearing sunglasses or a hat in the photo.

Please either email a digital image to us titled with your name and date of birth to or post it to us at our address. Please write your name and your date of birth clearly on the back of the photo.

Step 4: Complete Online Training:

Once you receive your Next Steps email from us click on the link to access Induction Training. Your registration application will not be progressed until you complete this training within the 20 day timeframe given from the start of the process.

Complying with National Vetting Bureau Legislation

From 29th of April 2016, in compliance with the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016, anyone who wishes to volunteer with SOI over 16 years of age is subject to vetting legislation - no volunteering can commence until a vetting disclosure has been received, viewed and assessed. Once you have completed your training and posted all documentation to SOI (see below) within the 20 day timeframe given, you will receive an email to apply for online Garda vetting.

Step 5: ID Validation Form

To comply with Garda vetting legislation all vetting applicants must have their identification validated before a vetting application can be made and processed.

You can download the ID Validation Form here

Print this form and read all the instructions contained to have your identification validated. Ensure all relevant sections are signed and dated.

Only when you have completed steps 1 to 5 in full, can you commence your Garda vetting application

Step 6: Complete Garda Vetting Application Online

Once you have completed your online volunteer application, your online training and sent us back your completed Consent to Volunteer Form, your ID validation form and NVB3, you will receive an email with a Garda vetting application request. You will have 30 days from the time you get this email to access the link to complete and submit your Garda vetting application. Please answer all questions carefully. Once you click on the link to begin your application you will have one hour to complete. Please note you cannot complete this in more than one session and you cannot amend it at a later date.

Please print screens for your own records from your Garda vetting application as you move through that process as there is not a facility to amend forms should you omit relevant information. Please note, if you omit relevant information, your Garda vetting application will be rejected electronically and you will be required to re-start your vetting application.

Have the following to hand before you begin your online Garda Vetting application:

1. Your full address history from birth to current day

2. Valid post codes for addresses you’ve lived at within Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales

3. Your passport number (if you have a passport)

4. Your mother’s maiden name



 Forms to Download

Please download the following forms:

 ID Validation Form

Please use the following address to send us any documents requested of you:

 Special Olympics Ireland,
National Sports Campus,
Snugborough Road,
Dublin 15

 We are here to help.

Should you need us, please email us at

or call our Support Centre on

Republic of Ireland:
 0 818 300053

Northern Ireland:
 +353 818 300053

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